Using a domiciliation address for your French business address
2021.02.26 15:54
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When registering a enterprise in France, you will have to give a business tackle or adresse commerciale, which for many entrepreneurs can be their house tackle. The query is, what happens if you are presently renting a property or if you do not need to have your house handle appearing in business directories.

What is a domination tackle?

Domiciliation is a service that lets you lease a business handle or letterbox. This address shall be used as your adresse commerciale, that means in business directories, your marketing material and your invoices. The domiciliation firm will nonetheless have your private handle of their information, as they legally want to be able to talk with them to the tax workplace.
French business address if you end up renting a property

Chances are that in case you have simply arrived in France, you would possibly begin by renting a property or flat before you decide whether or not you wish to stay long run or the place you want to buy a property.  If you are renting and registering a enterprise, you need to subsequently ask for your landlord’s permission to make use of this address for your corporation. You can reassure your landlord by confirming that that is purely for administrative functions and that you will not have customers coming to the property.

Some landlords is probably not very eager. A first possibility is to opt in your personal particulars not to be printed in business directories when registering your business. I’m not very keen on this feature, as it is very helpful to check that your corporation details are right.

The second possibility is to set up a domiciliation handle, earlier than registering your French business. This have to be accomplished earlier than the business registration, as you will need the handle and variety of the domiciliation company and/or a duplicate of the domiciliation contract (for buying and selling actions for example).

What Is The Cost Of Domiciliation Service In France?

There are totally different sorts of domiciliation services ranging from the plain letterbox that you just come and examine to postal mail being redirected or calls taken in your name. The fundamental domiciliation service may range from 6,forty nine€ per thirty days with Se Domicilier for the cheapest choice to 34€ per 30 days for an tackle in a well-known location and for your mail to be scanned for you.
Where can I arrange a domiciliation for my enterprise in France

If you are living in Province (i.e. outside of Paris, Ile de France), look at local Pépinières d’Entreprises, which is a property website designed for small companies, with inexpensive hire. Also, look at coworking or workplace rental places. This is an effective possibility, as it is possible for you to to go and acquire your post, as well as meet different entrepreneurs, as such places typically maintain entrepreneurs morning espresso or workshops.

Paris is the capital city of france. If you are looking for a domiciliation service in Paris at an affordable worth, top-of-the-line firms Les Tricolores is finest for you. Choosing 3 places in your rental enterprise office.