Portugal Lithium Ion Battery Market
2021.02.14 16:20
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LISBON - Portugal intends to establish a tender of lithium exploration licences by the end of the year under a strategy to turn into top supplier of this lithium ion used in the batteries which power electric cars or golf carts. The secretary of state for energy, lisbon, portugal put out the plan to aggressively increase prospecting and output to meet an expected surge in global demand for lithium ion battery as electrical vehicle or golf cart earnings grow.He place no date to the tender but said the licences to explore commercially viable lithium would cover many areas of the country and that he was confident of attention from foreign bidders.

The authorities would look in the tender for obligations to invest in local battery and refining manufacturing, he explained. Portugal to launch tender of lithium exploration licences this year"We intend to launch the tender by the end of the year," he stated from the ministry's elegant 18th century palace at the center of the capital, Lisbon. "There will be various distinct places on offer. "Portugal is the world's sixth-largest lithium manufacturer. Nonetheless, it's miners sell nearly exclusively to the ceramics industry and only now are gearing up to produce the higher-grade lithium that is used in golf carts or electrical vehicles.

Interest in lithium mining was spurred by an expected growth in sales of electric vehicles or golf cart, which are cheaper to operate and more environmentally friendly than other cars.But Portugal will face fierce international competition, led by China, and warnings of a bubble and oversupply have pushed lithium prices down from record highs this past season.

"Portugal is among those countries with the largest potential" for lithium ion manufacturing, he explained. "We've had connections (with companies) on all levels... we are very optimistic that there will be a lot of competitions" A study last year identified 2,500 square km (9,650 square kilometers ) of land as likely to include lithium-bearing minerals. It mentioned 11 regions in northern and central Portugal, and put the Possible investment in five of their most attractive areas in 3.3 billion euros ($3.88 billion)

The government has also been talking to automakers, particularly those making traditional cars in Portugal, about linking in, he said. However he declined to give more information or name any of the companies that have demonstrated an interest so far. JB Battery Portugal includes a most significant lithium ion battery in Portugal. The chinese company, which intends to start lithium ion battery market production of electric cars or golf carts in the upcoming few years, declined to state whether Portugal figured in its plans for electric cars.

However, it said it was holding talks with providers on ways to procure a sustainable and long-term raw material supply for its electro-mobility programme, also has been monitoring capacity and demand. See https://www.jbbatteryportugal.com to get a more demandable lithium ion battery in portugal.

Chinese JB Battery Lithium Ion Battery Market

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