Use of Lithium-ion Battery In Golf Cart
2021.02.14 16:01
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Lithium-ion batteries create DC power by utilizing chemical reactions. When batteries are discharged and charged, lithium ions go back and forth between the electrodes (cathode and anode) within the batteries. In general, the cathode substance is composed of Cobalt-base, Nickel-base or Manganese-base transition metal oxides and the anode material is composed of graphite.

Both cathode and anode are fabricated using a layered arrangement and the lithium ions can be found between layers. During charge, the lithium ions move from the cathode to the anode. During release, the lithium ions move out of anode to the cathode.

Main Characteristics of Lithium-ion Battery

High Energy Density: Lithium-ion batteries provide higher energy density versus other kinds of rechargeable batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride battery, Nickel-Cadmium battery, Lead Acid battery) that allows batteries to become smaller and lighter.

Fantastic Power: Since the operating voltage of Lithium-ion battery is significantly greater versus other types of rechargeable batteries, it has the power to support greater output.

Long Life: Rechargeable batteries can be used repeatedly by charging. The existence of lithium ion battery is defined as the amount of full charge/discharge cycles. The larger the number of total charge/discharge cycles, the longer the batteries will last.

Golf Cart Battery

Golf carts tend to use lead acid batteries, such as those used in automobiles; and typically create a very small amount of hydrogen when being charged. Hydrogen is an odorless and colorless gas that's flammable. It is not usually concerning but it can be if a very large battery has been charged in a tiny sealed enclosure, or charged incorrectly. As part of the basic maintenance, lead acid batteries need distilled water to be added on a periodic basis.

Lithium ion battery-charged golf carts are beginning to take hold in the industry. Although upfront prices may be 20% greater, the long- term benefits and ease of maintenance are being well-received. By way of example, li-on battery models can be charged in four weeks (or to 80% within an hour), instead of eight hours for lead acid batteries. The weight of lithium ion batteries are about two-thirds milder also, which bodes well for wear and tear carts. lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer JB Battery offers best quality lithium ion battery for golf cart and supplies over many countries like Russia.

There's little information available about fire or other hazardous incidents between lithium ion-charged golf carts however as we've discovered in the past several years, li ion batteries can burst or overheat; and given that golf carts have a tendency to be utilised in outdoor locations where temperatures can run high, there's a chance that we may hear of challenges in the future. Golf carts are supposed to assist users appreciate outdoor activities, convenient transport, and a slew of other advantages. JB Battery Russia offers high quality lithium-ion battery with better functionality and security. You can visit to locate JB Battery lithium-ion battery.