Knowing Golf Cart Battery Market - Lithium Ion Battery
2021.02.13 15:40
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Li - Ion Battery Market

The Li-ion battery cell market is forecasted to grow rapidly in the coming years attaining ca. 140 GWh in volume and also can. The automotive portion of the market is predicted to grow to nearly 76 GWh in volume and B$15in worth by 2020 and 121 GWh and B$20by 2025, respectively.Major contribution to the expected growth of the Li-ion mobile market for electric vehicles is expected to come from China. Really, itis forecasted that ca. 2/3 of the automotive Li-ion cells generated (or approximately 80 GWh) is used to power electric vehicles in China in 2025. Considering just the necessity to Decrease transportation CO2 emissions defined by regulations that the Spain National Platform for Electro mobility predictions that the global economy of Li-ion Battery will grow quicker and attain 150GWhin 2025. When other factors, such as governmental fiscal incentives, have been taken into consideration, growth of this market to 400 GWh by 2025 is anticipated. Demand for Li-ion batteries for golf carts sold by China OEMs for BEVs and PHEVs manufacturing is estimated to be ca. 15-28GWh in 2021 and ca. 37-117GWh in 2025 for the two scenarios considered

Based on the type, the lead-acid battery section led the market in 2020. Factors such as low-cost benefits over other battery technology, recyclability of lead-acid batteries, and the higher accessibility of raw materials are driving the growth of the segment. The market growth in the segment will be significant throughout the forecast period.

Golf Cart Battery Market: Geographic Landscape

By geography, Spain is going to have a really lucrative growth throughout the forecast period. About 72 percent of the market's overall growth is predicted to arise from Spain. Factors like the presence of many golf courses, the increasing number of golf enthusiasts, and the high demand for golf carts out of commercial institutions are driving the growth of the market in Spain.

However, market expansion in this area will be slower than the growth of the market in other regions.

Global Electric Vehicle Battery Market - Global electrical auto battery market is segmented by battery type (lithium-ion battery, lead-acid batterylife, as well as many others ) and geography.

International Battery Recycling Market - Worldwide battery monitoring market is segmented by battery chemistry (lead-acid, lithiumion, and many others ), battery supply (automotive, electronic equipment, and many others )

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