Principle Of Unionwell Micro Switch
2021.02.07 15:13
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A micro switch, often operated by another transferring part of a machine, and often operated against a spring. A widespread example is the little gizmo that turns on the sunshine in your refrigerator when you open the door. In this case the micro switch is “usually closed” , that is: with the door open and nothing depressing the switch (towards the spring), the circuit is closed and the sunshine turns on. Closing the door depresses the switch, opening the circuit, and extinguishing the light.

A micro switch is composed of an operating mechanism, contact, safety system (varied launch), arc extinguishing system, etc. The main contact is operated manually or electrically. After the main contact is closed, the free launch mechanism locks the primary contact in the closing place. The coil of the overcurrent release and the thermal element of the thermal launch are in sequence with the primary circuit, and the coil of the beneath voltage launch is in parallel with the ability supply. When the circuit is short circuited or critically overloaded, the armature of the overcurrent release is closed to make the free tripping mechanism act, and the main contact disconnects the main circuit. When the circuit is overloaded, the thermal element of the thermal launch is heated, which makes the bimetallic sheet bend and push the free launch mechanism to move. When the circuit is under voltage, the armature of the beneath voltage release is launched. It additionally makes the free tripping mechanism act.

Overload safety - the belief of overload safety perform of micro switches relies on the principle that bimetallic is oriented and bent based on the law with the increase of temperature, and the small micro switch works normally after closing.

Short circuit protection - the quick circuit protection operate of a micro switch is realized by instantaneous release. Another important component is the arc extinguishing grid. At the second of closing the micro switch, a big arc will be generated between the two contacts. The function of the arc extinguishing grid is to make the arc disappear rapidly by growing the warmth dissipation area and arc release space, so as to reduce the adverse impact of the arc.

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