How Many Types Of Flowers?
2020.12.09 18:55
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More and more people are discovering  flowers that grow in winter  are very satisfying and rewarding hobbies. And because the homes in which we now live are lighter, warmer and more or less drought free, than they used to be, there is less chance of your plants suffering from dramatic changes in temperature throughout the course of the day, or night. So a whole new range of plants from across the world can now be successfully grown indoors. The next five plants I have selected here are all easy to grow and require just basic care.

Franco ramosa

This plant (Bridal Wreath) from Chile produces spikes of pink flowers in summer. It prefers a sunny but cool position. Ample watering in summer, moderate the watering in winter. Repot into a bigger container with fresh compost, in early spring.


These popular (Lady's Ear-Drops) shrubs are from India. They produce white, red or blue flowers during summer. They prefer a cool room with good natural light and some direct sunshine. Regular feeding and watering in summer. Over winter, rest the plant in a cool place with just enough water to prevent drying out. Keep them tidy by pruning in spring. Pinch out growing shoots to promote bushiness.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Also known as, Rose of China. This is a striking shrub with large exotic trumpet-shaped flowers. These come in bright red, pink or yellow. Flowers tend to last for only one day. However, the flowering period is quite long if a constant temperature is maintained. They need a position with strong natural light, with some direct sunlight. Avoid draughts. Feed every 10 days during the growing period. Plenty of water in spring and summer. Spray the leaves occasionally. Allow the top inch of compost to dry out between watering. Keep in a cool place during winter and keep the compost just moist. A good pruning in spring will prevent the plant from becoming straggly.

Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)

A bulbous plant, from India. It grows quickly. It produces large trumpet flowers on 2 feet tall stems. Flowers come in shades of red, white and pink. These are bought as bulbs, some of which are specially prepared to flower at Christmas. One bulb should be placed in a 5 inch pot, leaving half the bulb above the compost. Place the pot in a warm position out of direct sunlight for a few weeks. Water sparingly at first, then increases as growth gets under way. Feed once-a-week as flowers develop. Ordinary bulbs are potted in late winter. Christmas flowering bulbs should be potted in early November. Continue to water until late July, then reduce until the end of September, and finally stop. Keep the bulbs dry until growth begins again in February/March. Repotting every few years.

Impatiens sultani

Busy Lizzie. A very popular flowering plant, perfect for growing in windows. Flowers are bright red, pink or white and are produced through most of the year. Pinch stems to promote bushiness; shoots removed for cuttings will root easily. Fast growing, they like a warm, well lit position, out of direct sunshine. Water well in spring and summer. Keep warm and moist in winter. Never let the compost dry out completely.


These make excellent houseplants. Most varieties of the large family of Primulas are widely considered as annuals. Once they have bloomed, they are disposed of. With care, they can be stored until the next season. Store in a cool, light, frost-free position over winter. Primula obconica, is a popular choice because of its long flowering season. From midwinter through to early summer. The large flowers come in shades of red, pink, blue or white. The near circular leaves of Primula obconica carry course hairs, which some people are allergic to. It is advisable to wear suitable gloves when tending to this plant. They need a position which gives good natural light and some sunshine. In warmer rooms, stand the pot on a tray of moist pebbles to provide humidity. Water well, but avoid wetting the leaves.