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2020.11.10 13:02
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KiddiHub's preschool selection platform helps parents choose schools easily thanks to a friendly interface and useful features

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No need to be tech-savvy, without wasting time, effort and cost, parents can find a suitable preschool for their children anywhere. Thanks to the completely new features of the KiddiHub platform, find kindergartens by location, by facilities, by tuition fees…. with just the click.

Also according to Mr. Tung, Founder of KiddiHub, in the process of working with parents and schools, he noticed that there are many schools with good facilities and modern educational methods. However, the school faces barriers in technology, operating methods and approaches to parents on the Internet. Meanwhile, the need to find information online about parents' schools is growing, but cannot reach this potential source of parents.

KiddiHub was born to help parents solve the difficulties of finding kindergartens for their children in big cities. This platform has many useful features to help parents choose schools easily and quickly:

Search for preschools quickly and easily around the area (visit:

Filter schools according to appropriate criteria: tuition fees, facilities, study methods, services, incentives ...

Enrollment is easy, the school calls back instantly, saving parents time

See the fair evaluation of many parents about the school

Easily compare the strengths between schools in the region

No costs

Just a smartphone, a computer or a smart device with internet connection and instant access to the KiddiHub website is that parents have a rich and accurate repository of information about the desired preschool for their children to study.

There are more than 6000 schools on the system with many partner schools including Sakura Montessori, ME School, Ivy School, ... .. every day, there are thousands of parents who regularly search and access Website

“With this product, KiddiHub hopes to be a bridge between parents and the school, between parents and parents thanks to the fair evaluation, the enthusiasm of the parents who go ahead, and the choice of school for their children. Parents later become easier than ever, at the same time contribute to improving the quality of preschool education further ”. Mr. Tung shared

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