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작성자 : PetshopSai…    조회 : 72 - ( ) PET STORE HCMC sells Food & Accessories for Dogs and Cats Prestige - Genuine, Dog and Cat CLOTHES, TOYS for Dogs and Cats, BATHROOM FOR Dogs and Cats, Perfume and many pet care products. ROYAL CANIN FEED for Dogs and Cats, imported products.

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If you have found a store full of these features, then congratulations because this is a reliable place, one of the supermarkets selling dog and cat goods in HCMC.

And if you have not found a store with all the above features, do not worry too much because is such a place. is proud to be a store not only trusted and supported by customers in Saigon but also throughout the country. is chosen by many customers because:

The store received positive customer reviews

Today, with the criterion of the customer as god, the customer comments or reviews about the store's service or product is a very important factor. If the product's quality and service of the store are good, it will surely receive many positive reviews and appreciation from customers. If not, customer feedback will say it all. In order to find reviews and reviews about certain stores, you can look on the fan page or website of the store for reference before making a decision.

The store sells genuine products

It is impossible to ignore the criterion that the item on display for sale at the shop is genuine imported or distributed or not. On the market today, there are many famous products such as dog food Royal Canin that many people trust.

However, this means that these brands are counterfeited, counterfeited and have poor quality products labeled well-known brands on the market.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a store for pet shopping. Look for stores that sell products with clear packaging and full labels with a long shelf life. Do not go cheap but buy products with unclear packaging or the type of food that is introduced as a luxury product with uncertain quality and unclear origin.

The store sells a variety of items

It will be more convenient for you if you are a regular customer of a store with a full range of pet products. A store that only sells dog food or just sells utensils without food can take you a lot of time when it comes to choosing the essentials for your dog.

Look for a store that offers a variety of dog food and dog essentials. You will save time as well as much more convenient in taking care of your pet.

In addition to the features to identify a reputable place to buy dry dog food for Royal Canin dogs mentioned above, you cannot ignore whether the store has a freeship for your order or not. To be sure, you need to contact the store you intend to select directly.

However, when you come to, you do not need to wonder about this anymore. In addition to the features of a store that sells quality dog dry food as outlined above, we also have a free ship policy for all orders in Saigon. As for orders to the province, the shop will free shipping for bills from 500k and 50% support for bills from 300k. So what are you waiting for without going to to immediately buy quality food for your pets?